A Nine Tiger Welcome

Greetings. I am Marianne G. Petrino-Schaad. I am also known in fan circles as Nine Tiger. Welcome to the portal to my very free flowing Blog The Star the Tiger Follows. I enjoy commenting on writing, books, movies, music and metaphysics. However, on any given day, I might mention any stray thought mote that drifts across my too active brain. (The metaphysical ones do pop up often so beware).

I am also a huge fan of the 1980s series Thundercats. You can read my extensive Thundercats fan fiction on Thunderan Weavings, a web page that has existed since the early 1990s in one form or another (although it seems like it has been around since the Silurian).

Since the century turned, I have also reviewed anime for the television program Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy.

So if you have a moment, come take a quixotic journey in thought with me. And if you cannot stay, blessings on the road on which you travel.